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Top powerful Seo Tricks in 2016

Top powerful Seo Tricks

Today i am going to share with you the top powerful seo tricks  am sure you will like this articles then you can easy rank your keyword in Top Search Engines Easily and one more advantages from this post you can get quality backlinks so let know top powerful seo tricks

Get Top powerful Seo Tricks in 2016

1. Create a Google Plus page

Google Plus Page  are not a popular social network in comparison to Facebook Social Network ,but don’t worried that doesn’t matter.Because it  has incredible SEO value and Quality backlink  just for one reason:

When you connect your Google Plus page to your site, Then your face is shown next in top search engine results. Many People click on the top result of Google Search Engine. Why? Because it is the easiest to click on. It shows up first Page, and likely has a catchy enough headline to be very interesting. Why not give it a click in first page?

But when you can add faces into the mix, that all changes. Take a look at this Screenshot For E.g

Top powerful Seo Tricks

this is best seo tips and tricks and also you can see might be ranked 3rd in google first page, but look at that face! That’s a clickable let know Here’s how you can do this that happen

Step 1. First you need a Google plus account. If you don’t have one, then get one now.

Step 2. Go to your Google Plus profile, and then go to click About then you can see Links then click Edit


Top powerful Seo Tricks

Step 3. Go to the “Contributor to” section you can see in screenshot, then add a link to your site. This tells Google that you can write any articles for that website,then google will allow them to include your face in search engines

Top 15 Seo Tricks

Step 4:-make sure you can check your google plus account you can upload your picture and update all detail if you upload your picture in google plus and also only upload face picture because only face picture are allowed and also verify your account with your mobile number then prove to Google that you’re the real owner of your web site

2. Check your site internal link structure.

Another top powerful seo tricks ,Quality Backlinks from these other websites are these big part of any SEO strategy , but that not the only type of link that makes these difference.

Links on your own website pages make a difference, too and a little shift can do wonders for improving your keyword rankings.

1. Also select a poorly performing page on your website
2. Drive these more site links to it on your other pages

Every  page’s articles should be match in Post title and keywords as well as possible,then easily you can ranking keyword get a maximum traffic

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3. Also make sure you are speaking Google’s language

Here you can see a checklist to make sure all of your pages are Google-friendly.

1. Can you have main headings in <H1> tags?
2. Can you have subheadings in <H2> and <H3> tags?
3. Does the title of your Post contain your select keywords?
4. Does the main heading on these post contain your select keywords?

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4. Make a create video and put them on YouTube.

this is another powerful seo tricks as you know youtube is one of these famous site and also google loves to rank youtube videos fast

Your website isn’t Rank the front page,Don’t worried your YouTube video just might.

so let know about how do you get your youtube video to rank on the first page of Google Search Engine

1. Get more views, comments and likes the better
2. A video title that matches the keywords you’re looking to rank for your post title
3. A reasonably long creating video (usually 5 minutes or longer)

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