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How Do I Submit Website To Search Engines

Submit Website To Search engines

Hello Friends, Today i will Share with you submit website to search engines free so first thing to do after if you can create a website then submit your website url to all major top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Well there is not hard & fast rule which will tell you exact how much take these time it will take to get your website indexed in search engines but so it will be definitely get indexed faster as compared to let the search engines to find your website and include in their index which will take many time. Many newbies bloggers really donot know about this matter and they are asking this type of question all over the website or forum that ‘ Their website or blog is not showing in search engines’ but they don’t know this simple trick submit website to google.Also you can read Best Way To Increase Alexa Page Rank

How to Submit Website To Search Engines Free

so now you can learn search engine submission this post best for newbies because every newbies don’t know search engine submission so see this post then you know this matter and you can do manually submit your site url and you don’t have to submit all the site url’s of your website you just have to submit the home main page url i.e the home page url mean (  and search crawlers will find the rest of the pages in your website So without waste your time lets see how to do this this trick. I know you must be eager to see your site get listed in search engine results

Submit Website To Search Engines / Blog URL To Search Engines

Submit Site URL To Google Search engines
Step 1) First Go To This URL
2) Just copy your site home page url and paste url including http:// for example
3) then Enter the captcha code and click Submit request
Note- Prior to submitting your url to Google you have to sign in to your Google Account or Gmail

Submit Site URL To Yahoo Search engines

1) Go to this link
2) Then Click on Submit Your webSite and your will be taken to bing follow the on screen instructions and submit your site home url for free. Yahoo takes many time to index your websites as compared to google search engine so don’t panic

Submit Site URL To Bing Search engines

1) Go to this link
2) Paste the URL of your home page Site link
3) Enter the Captcha Code and clcik Submit
then you can Submit your Site To Bing Search engines

then wait 1 or 2 day then this search engines indexed your website

so this friend i am sure you can easily learn how you can Submit Website To Search Engines Free
so follow this step if you create any site then you can do first step search engine submission
Thank for Read this Post ,Also you Can Read Best Seo Tips and Tricks to promote website


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