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RapidMiner Studio for Mac v7.3.1 torrent

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RapidMiner Studio for Mac v7.3.1 torrent
RapidMiner Studio for Mac v7.3.1  torrent

RapidMiner Studio for Mac v7.3.1

Simplify the design of predictive analytics models and access numerous data loading, transformation, modeling and visualization methods, with the help of this powerful OS X app

RapidMiner Studio is a cross-platform application that aims to provide enterprises with an easy method of performing predictive analytics, with the help of an intuitive user interface.

Moreover, RapidMiner Studio does away with overly complex procedures and does not require any programming experience. Numerous data loading, modeling, transformation and visualization methods are provided, and you can work with extensive data sets.

Supports a wide variety of input data formats and offers an intuitive wizard mode

RapidMiner Studio can be very useful for business analysts, as it enables you to put the customer information you have already gathered to good use and make sure you do not lose your current clients.

To generate a prediction based on a set of user-provided variables, the necessary information first needs to be imported. The app supports a wide range of data formats, including Excel worksheets, XML documents, database tables and binary files.

To make this task easier, RapidMiner Studio offers an import wizard that guides you through the required steps.

Visualize data in multiple formats and generate graphical representations

Once the necessary data has been imported, you can take advantage of RapidMiner Studio’s numerous visualization modes, to learn information that may not have been evident at first glance.

The app can provide a summary of the source data and display charts that make it easier to compare certain parameters.

After analyzing the imported data, you can build a training model, by finding predictive relationships, and then apply it to your data set.

Create, apply and evaluate predictive models using your Mac

Then, to ensure the model accurately performs predictions, you can evaluate it with cross-validation, separating the source data into a certain number of parts, calculating performance for each of them, and then averaging the results from each test.

Overall, RapidMiner Studio is a powerful tool aimed at business analysts that can help you design predictive analytics models and put them to use within your company.

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