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Best Way To Increase Alexa Page Rank

best way to increase alexa page rank

Today i will share best way to increase alexa page rank with simple tips, Alexa rank is also considered one of these very important points that anyone uses to rank your site or also define your site quality. Majority of web statistics best testing tool e.g Quick-sprout tool has given alexa an special rank to define how good your site is. A best alexa rank is also attracts advertisers and sponsors , hence you can increasing your earnings somehow. In my monthly report I shared that my web site’s alexa rank is 1,677,715 and it is decreasing with every high quality post I publish.

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Increase Alexa page Rank Tips

Alexa hack 1 : Install the Tool bar

First, i will Give suggested yo can first Install Alexa tool bar on your any web browser. as you already know, Alexa rank is measured on these basis of number of site visitors who can visit your site and have the tool bar already installed.

As the web expert point of view the first thing you can first install toolbar in your web-browser , so that every time you can visit your site you make a small contribution towards your site. The toolbar can be downloaded and installed into Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc and also you can download this tools free not paid

Alexa hack 2 : Ask your friends and readers to Install the Alexa toolbar

this is another tips to increase alexa page rank ,The more the users who open your website with the alexa toolbar installed, the quickly your Alexa rank will decrease. Ask your friends and readers to download alexa toolbar . Many sites created their own tool-bars to promote toolbar installation on their blog. Tell the benefits of the Alexa toolbar to your friends who might ask what the toolbar is about and get them to download alexa toolbar

Alexa hack 3 : Install these Alexa widget

You also seen the small weird widget on many site, and you want to know why they do so. Because this is not possible that you can convince every single reader on your blog to get the alexa toolbar installed. So, the simple way is you can place the small widget on your website itself. You can place the widget by embedding these following Html and replacing with your site’s link

To add this widget, go to Appearance > Widgets > Html/plain text and paste the tag.

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

Alexa Hack 4 : Write these About

you can write an content about and then also giving a proper backlinks too. After I started my second site I write a articles about alexa of 1900 words then alexa page rank increased quickly in just 4 days. I have worked on a lot of websites and blogs, on most of which i follow this articles  and you can increase the alexa rank fast in a few days.

If your site has a fairly good alexa rank if you can write articles like how to increase alexa website ranking , but if you are low on alexa website ranking you can write articles like this “How to install alexa traffic widget” , “How to Download alexa toolbar” etc.also read Best Seo Tips and Tricks to promote website

Alexa Hack 5 : Visit these Webmasters Forum
you can visit these many websites or forums where webmasters return to frequently and post the Link to your site there. Most often, webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed. The more readers who visit your site with toolbar installed, the more your alexa rank decreases ! Write content that attract webmaster traffic , prepare and maintain a category on your website in which webmasters might be interested such as SEO, Make Money online and many more topic.

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