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How To Come Up With a Blog Name ?

how to come up with a blog name

Here today i will share how to come up with a blog name, also will share some of these best tips on how to come up with a good blog name. If you can starting a new blog or just want to re-brand your dying blog, follow these steps below for know about how to come up with the perfect blog name and

i have started and built over 40 blogs in a last few years and use adsense to make money, and that has required me to come up with a system to generate these blog title ideas. Your business or blog name is these first thing anyone will notice about your site. then you will use a name to create a logo, then you can promote your blog, share links on social site media, send emails, and also follow Seo Tips and Tricks

that mean you will want to come up with these business or Good blog name that is catchy, meaningful, easy to remember blog name, and also indicative of your content. Also your domain needs to entice visitors to click-through to these your  blog. Overall, deciding on a blog title ideas is these one of the most important steps to starting a successful blogs and now follow these step below

How To Come Up With a Blog Name ?

Good Blog names can be classified into these two broad categories, they are:

1:- Generic Names

These are blog title names that are related to blog topic or related niche as a whole. They are intended to be a search engine optimized and may consist of these on your main keyword. These type of blog title names are very apt for targeted to traffic as your audience knows what to expect from your blog.

For example, my blog focusing on these Blogging i select this naam for blog (“Tips and Tricks for Bloggers” or “Tips and Tricks by a Blogger” 😉 ) i think you understand for how to come up with a good blog name

2:-Branded Blog Names

These are good blog names that are fancier than these generic blog names. They can’t depict anything about these blog title ideas. Most branded blog names come from these direct names of these corresponding authors like

But,there can be a names that come out of nowhere and these still ooze brand juice. Example, a blog on a content marketing and also entrepreneurship.

This is a very fine line between these generic blog names and brand names. When these generic blog gets viral or popular, then name automatically becomes a brand. Example and get more information about how to come up with a blog name

Things to Consider Before Coming up with a best blog names :

A Best blog name is these permanent action that will these define your future blogging strategies, so we must consider a a lot of  aspects before brainstorming a name for these blog.

#1. Check out these niche or topic to your blog is about:

This is first step you want to consider before selecting a best blog name. Find out these what is your blog is going to talk about. Your Blog niche (subject around your blog Content) matters a lot if you want targeted readers.

Suppose you can run about food blog, coming up with these name like is a best blog name to start. However, if you are thinking about get a funky name, your readers might can’t find your blog.

For example, one of these most popular news site “The Onion” has nothing to do with these food or onions, this is news site. When I first came across these site, I did not click on it thinking the content is spam. So make sure to have a title that goes inline with these your blog subject.

#2. Brandability:

While generating these best blog names then you can make sure those can be branded. If you are creating about niche site, consider choosing these  domain name that domain is easy to remember or recall.

For example, The Branded Soloprenueur by Dre Beltrami or The Four Hour Work Week. Both domain brandable names. Many People can remember them the very first time they visit.

3. Choose only the .com version of your domain:

how to come up with a blog name,A domain name is as crucial as your a business. Unless you want these short-termed and country specific blog, choose these domain name with these .com extension. Most readers take .com domain of a blog name for granted. Another reason to choose .com domains is search engines always prefer them.

Many people type your Domain with .com (while if you don’t have these .com domain), then they will to either be funneled by someone else’s website or land on these broken page. This will surely cost you, valuable readers.

For Example, even these legendary blogger Darren Rowse decided to buy these .com domain of his website for around these 5000 USD (source). He did it because many of his valuable readers were simply landing on an alien blog because it had thsee .com domain TLD.

Having these funky extension like that might to be confusing to readers and they might type and miss your website.i think you know better idea how to come up with a blog name and also how to come up with a good blog name

#4. Select a Best blog name that passes the phone test:

how to come up with a good blog name,Don’t get to carried away with these fancy blog names. You can first make sure your blog name is easily audible and understandable. By phone test this mean when you say your blog name to someone via phone, the other person should be able to type it and reach these right blog easily.

This is so essential in these day to day life where you have to name your blog in conferences, meetings, and these podcasts.

Even more, when your blog starts attracting word of mouth people should be able to reach these correct site they heard.

Tips to Pass the Phone Test:

1:-Get a Short Domain Instead of these Long One

how to come up with a blog name,For example, is easily typable and understandablebest blog name than something like

This type of  blog names make your blog appear spammy in front of these both the readers and latest search engines.

2:- Do Not Use Hyphens and Numbers

Using these hyphens are not a healthy sign in SEO. They are not easy to tell too.

Blogger Harleena Singh from a has always to accepted that if she had these proper knowledge she wouldn’t have gone for these hyphenated domain this all ideas is good for how to come up with a blog name


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