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Google in 1998 Easter Egg


Google in 1998

Google has changed these landscape of search and the Internet in general. If you are just starting out, take heart by visiting a Google in 1998 Easter egg that shows you what Google in1998 looked like. Simply type in “Google in1998” and you can get a look at what Google search looked like in its infancy.

Once you have had enough, simply click on these Take Me Back to these Present you are back to present day in Google.Also Read Top Search Engines list 2016

Google in 1998 Easter egg

What else was going on Google in1998

These Winter Olympic Games are held ina  Nagano, Japan
US Announces a first budget surplus in 30 years
These European Central Bank is Established in country Frankfurt Germany
An earthquake measuring 6.1 on these Richter Scale in a northeast Afghanistan kills more than 5 thousands

Back To History With “Google In 1998 Easter Egg”

Google in 1998 Easter egg

Recently on Google’s 15th birthday occasion i will created this massive post on Google in1998 Easter eggs, which talked about some nice things you can do with these Google search apart from Searching. Google is one of those best tech company, which is known for innovation and they never failed to surprise the entire internet community with surprises on a special days. And this is what “Google in 1998 Easter egg is all about.Also Read Top Search Engines list 2016

Google in1998

My best one. Typing this one will render theseGoogle interface, as it existed in 1998. It displays these site courtesy of The Way Back Machine – a service that lets you take a glimpse into how websites used to look many years ago.

These little features are called as Easter eggs. Fun little activities and quirky features that make these often mundane and these second-nature task of a looking for things via search engines a little more entertaining. Below is a compilation of Google Easter Eggs and fun features you can do with a simple Google search engines

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